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                Load image into Gallery viewer, essbare Rührstäbchen mit Kaffee

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Twirl, eat, drink. Mit dem Twirly Abfall vermeiden. Passt perfekt zu Kaffee oder Tee.

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Essbare Rührstäbchen Twirly zum Probieren.

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Essbares Rührstäbchen Twirly choc für Kaffee. Der Twirly ist vegan, glutenfrei und nachhaltig.

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Nährwerte twirly choc und Zutaten
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Twirly choc - Edible stirrer



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    Edible Stirrer 

    **Tasting package - Only for a short time!**
    Edible stirrers instead of plastic! The fact that we are not fans of disposable plastic and that disposable cutlery has been banned in the EU since July 2021 should be known to everyone by now 🎉 . But what we dislike almost as much is the unpleasant taste of wood before we want to drink our coffee with pleasure and have mixed it with some milk beforehand. 
    But that's over now, too! Because we welcome the Twirly choc to our Spoontainable family 👋🏽. Our edible stirrer is just as cool, sustainable and practical as it sounds. 
    The Twirly goes perfectly with coffee, tea or a hot chocolate. Simply stir your favourite hot drink with the Twirly and then enjoy it as an additional snack. Because our edible stir stick is a biscuit and stirrer in one!


    One box contains 1.7 kilos of Twirlys, which corresponds to about 600 Twirlys. 


    3 good reasons why you need the Twirly, the edible stirrer:

    • Biscuit & stirrer in one! You can simply eat our Twirly after stirring and even protect the environment. It doesn't get much more sustainable than that, does it? 
    • Single-use plastic has been banned since 2021. This also includes plastic stirrers. So it's time for a truly sustainable alternative. Our Twirlys are made from rescued cocoa shells and thus promote a sustainable circular economy.
    • The Twirly is vegan, gluten-free and e-substance-free. We also offset the CO2 emissions generated during production. 

     Nachhaltige und essbare RührstäbchenEssbare Rührstäbchen glutenfreiRührstäbchen Klimaneutral

    But what is our edible stir stick made of?

    We stay true to ourselves and of course the Twirly choc is also made from rescued cocoa shells. We rescue these shells, which are left behind as a by-product of chocolate production, even though they contain valuable nutrients and fibre. We then process them into fibres, which are then used to make our edible stir sticks for coffee or tea. So we don't just use sustainable raw materials and natural ingredients. By upcycling the cocoa shells, we also ensure a sustainable circular economy. Take a look at our edible spoons 🥄. 

    Why are our products so sustainable?

    We have even more products in our portfolio! Our edible spoons, for example, have been awarded the Green Brand seal of approval. This shows how sustainable we are all along the line! On the one hand, we use sustainable and renewable raw materials for the production of our edible spoons and Twirlys. Secondly, we offset all CO2 emissions. But also our flyers are made from environmentally friendly materials, so we pay attention to sustainability on all levels. And we go one better: our products are made in Germany! But see for yourself what our mission is in ourImpact Report. 

    Green Brand Award Spoontainable


    Are you looking for more cutlery alternatives?

    Then why not try out our Spoonies? We have put together attractive trial packages for your catering business so that you can try out our edible spoons and see for yourself! 

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